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Backup Power For Your Home

Don't let a storm or power outage take you off the grid. Ensure that your home is up and running with a generator that provides the power you need at all times. If a winter ice storm is threatening to knock out power, or summer storms are rolling through, don't take chances. Dolan Inc. is a Generac authorized service and installation provider.

See the benefits of having a generator:

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Keep your home at the right temperature

  • Prevent food from going bad

  • Keep important medical equipment going

  • Keep furnace in working order

  • Simple installation and use

  • Quiet operation


Residential and commercial

generator installation

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An automatic generator will be able to protect you and your family, your energy bill, and food. When it senses that the power is out, you will be properly transferred to generator power.

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Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, dependable and efficient generator installation at a competitive price.



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