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Unclog Those Drains Today

No one enjoys dealing with a clogged drain because it can slow down your morning prep in the bathroom or your dinner hour if your sink isn't properly draining. Keeping your home or office's drains clear are important to the overall functionality and operation of the plumbing system. We'll tackle small clogs and collapsed sewer lines.

Drain cleaning experts:

  • Cleaning and repairing household drains such as kitchen, bathtub, shower and laundry tub

  • Maintaining, repairing, replacing sewage ejectors

  • Video camera inspections

  • Snaking main drain from house to street

  • Clear leader drains of roots and debris

  • Snaking and jetting

  • Pressure water jetting

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All members of our team are fully licensed and prepared to handle any drain cleaning job.

"Our pledge to you is simple – you’ll be satisfied with our work, or we’ll work until you are satisfied."

Mike Dolan, Owner

Dolan Inc. has been in the Somerset region since 1949

We also offer Bio-Clean® and RootX® for drain line treatment. We often will have most parts available on our truck so we can finish the job the first time without a return visit.


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